This site contains evidence, videos, and transcripts from the We the People Truth in Taxation Hearing held in Washington, DC February 27-28, 2002. The hearings were arranged by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett after Bob Schulz went on a hunger strike on the steps of the capitol. The Internal Revenue Service agreed to attend the hearings as witnesses but pulled out at the last minute after they saw the questions. In the place of the absence of the IRS at the hearings, several ex employees of the Internal Revenue Service, attorneys, and experts appeared to answer the questions in their place.

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Original Truth in Taxation Hearing

Expanded Questions

Subject of Inquiry
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1 49 Liability
2 83 Right to Labor
3 43 Jurisdiction
4 23 Fifth Amendment
5 39 First Amendment and Socialism
6 109 Sixteenth Amendment
7 85 Fourth Amendment
Due Process
IRS Fraud: Creation of Time-Barred Assessments
8 33 The Courts Are Closed
9   27 Ambiguity of law/Word "includes"
10   40 Paperwork Reduction Act and Administrative Procedures Act
11   54 Taxable Sources
12   17 Individual Master Files (IMF)
13   31 26 USC 6020(b): Substitute Returns
14     99 Citizenship
TOTALS: 732  


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  1. Columns 1 and 2 above contain a link to the materials from the original We The People Truth in Taxation Hearing held on 27-28FEB 2001 at the Washington Marriott in Washington, D.C. 
  2. Sections without transcripts appearing in column 1 above were not asked during the hearing because not enough time was available to address them.  Nevertheless, the questions and evidence were prepared for the hearing and are included for completeness.
  3. Columns 3 and 4 above contain a link to the appropriate section of the IRS Deposition Questions found on the Family Guardian Website at  This list of questions and evidence is a superset of the original WTP hearing questions and contains all the original WTP questions plus an additional 143 questions written by Chris Hansen, who was one of the two questioners at the original hearing.
  4. The IRS Deposition Questions have been considerably expanded and improved from the original WTP questions to add far more explanatory information and more evidence.
  5. These questions do not include THE MOST IMPORTANT method of exposing and prosecuting government corruption, which are the laws of property. This in part is because the constitution is nearly silent on the issue except for Article 4, Section 4. Since the hearings, this subject has been CONSIDERABLY developed and deserves an entire series of questions of its own, which we intend to add here eventually. You can read further about this subject at:
    Laws of Property, SEDM (OFFSITE LINK)


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