"He who believes in Him [Jesus, the Son of God] is not condemned ; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.  And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.  But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God." [Bible, John 3:18-21]

Is it any surprise that there has been no substantive Congressional response based on God's own words above?  Evildoers, liars, and extortionists in Congress don't want their deeds exposed and don't want to have to answer as the law requires them to do under the First Amendment Petition Clause for the treason they have committed against this country and their constituents.



The We the People group hand-delivered a cover letter and copies of the CD's for the Truth in Taxation Hearing to EVERY Member of the U.S. Congress (both House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate) on April 15, 2002.  In response, several Congressmen sent back to Bob Shulz their stale and tired and completely rebutted documents, including:

Come on, Congress.  You can do better than that!   We already sent a copy of the rebutted CRS report to Senator Grassley (on 12/27/01) and he refused to rebut our rebuttal, so quit your hiding and whining and fix the problem!


Last Batch of Congressional Responses
The "Hot Potato" Syndrome

June 24, 2002

On April 15th, people from all over the country met in Washington DC and delivered a packet of documents to all 535 members of Congress. Each packet included letters from constituents respectfully asking Congress to fix the problem of the fraudulent and illegal income tax, and a record of the Citizens' Truth-In-Taxation Hearing (which was held on February 27th and 28th).

Approximately 3,300 such constituent letters were hand delivered to the offices of the congressmen. In each case, an aide to the congressman was made to sign a form signifying his/her receipt of the materials. In each case, the person who delivered the packet signed a proof of service form.

The purpose of the activity was to put each and every congressman in the position of NOT being able to claim he/she did not know about the People's petition for redress of grievances regarding the income tax. There exists no excuse for not knowing the causes which impelled the people to eventually engage in civil action against the income tax.

Something very strange is going on.

An astonishing 470 congressmen, including Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer from New York, have decided to ignore their constituents altogether, by not responding - at all - to the thousands of constituent letters that were hand delivered to their DC offices.

After two months, this Foundation is aware of only 65 congressmen who have "responded" to their receipt of the April 15th demand letter and record of the Hearing. As can be seen in their correspondence, the congressmen have ignored the sum and substance of the petitions they received from their constituents.

No congressman has directly addressed the substantive legal evidence and sworn testimony from the Hearing.

No congressman has directly responded to the petitions for redress as manifest in the constituents' letters.

No congressman reviewed the record of the Hearing.

What is painfully obvious is the fact that each and every congressman has treated the packet as they would a very, very hot potato --- they are unwilling to handle it.

If the subject matter was not a matter so critical to our nation, many of the congressional responses would indeed be laughable.

On April 28th, this Foundation posted the first three letters received from Congressmen. See our previous article entitled, "Congress Begins to Respond: Early Returns Deserve Censure."

On May 15th, we posted the letters received by constituents from eighteen other Congressmen. See our previous article entitled, "More Congressmen Respond. More of the Same: Insolence."

Since May 15th, we have received copies of "responses" from forty-four other Congressmen. These we post herein for the record.

Congress has "responded." History will judge its responsiveness.

We the People are left with two questions:

  1. Why are our elected representatives acting this way? And,
  2. What must a free people do when faced with a government that will not respond to the People's petitions nor justify behavior that is clearly an abuse of its legal authority?

In answer to the first question, Bob Schulz suggests that each congressman has been told - in no uncertain terms - by his party leaders that, "Nothing, not even the Constitution, can be allowed to get in the way of revenue collection or the continuation of the 'status quo'."

In answer to the second question, please be advised that in our next article we will detail what we believe to be appropriate reactions for the People to take. NOTE: You may want to leave your calendar open from Veteran's Day to Thanksgiving

In closing, we remind everyone that in order to be effective, the People's reply will have to be undertaken by the numbers. Once again, this will require county-by-county organization and personal commitment. It is the We The People Congress that will enable and facilitate this nationwide, collective effort.

If you haven't already done so, please join the People's Congress and consider volunteering to be a county or state coordinator.

The most recent congressional responses follow. To view a response, click on the congressman's name.

(Note: All letters below are in .PDF format, and require the free Acrobat Reader, which you can download here.)

ALASKA Sen. Frank Murkowski
ARIZONA Rep. J.D. Hayworth
Sen. Jon Kyl
Rep. Ken Calvert
Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Rep. Elton Gallegly
COLORADO Rep. Mark Udall
Rep Thomas Tancredo
CONNECTICUT Sen. Joseph Lieberman
FLORIDA Rep. Dave Weldon
Rep. Michael Bilirakis
Rep. Porter Goss
GEORGIA Rep. Nathan Deal
IDAHO Rep. Butch Otter
ILLINOIS Rep. Peter Fitzgerald
IOWA Rep. Leonard Boswell
MARYLAND Sen. Barbara Mikulski
MICHIGAN Rep. Nick Smith
MISSOURI Sen. Christopher Bond
MONTANA Sen. Max Baucus
Rep. Denny Rehberg
NEVADA Rep. Karen Thurman
Sen. John Ensign
Sen. Harry Reid
NEW JERSEY Rep. Steven Rothman
Rep. Rush Holt
NEW YORK Rep. James Walsh
Rep. John McHugh
Rep. Steve Israel
Rep. Felix Grucci
Rep. Thomas Reynolds
NORTH CAROLINA Sen. John Edwards
NORTH DAKOTA Rep. Byron Dorgan
Rep. Earl Pomeroy
OHIO Sen. George Voinovich
SOUTH CAROLINA Rep. Lindsey Graham
TENNESSEE Rep. Ed Bryant
TEXAS Rep. Dick Armey
VIRGINIA Rep. Bob Goodlatte
WEST VIRGINIA Rep. Shelly Moore Capito
Sen. Robert Byrd
WISCONSIN Sen. Herb Kohl
Sen. Russell Feingold

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