Robert Schulz

Chairman of We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education. Mr. Schulz is a veteran of more than 25 years in the struggle of citizen vigilance over government.


Chris Hansen

He is a legal scholar and an author who has been researching income tax laws for several years. He has written a 2800 page book summarizing his findings. It's available for free on the internet. It's called "The Great IRS Hoax: Why We Don't Owe Income Tax."

He serves his country as a chief in the U.S. Navy. As a data communication engineer he wires the Navy. He designs and tests the computer networks used by all of the U.S. Navy's war ships.

San Diego, CA

Joseph Banister
He has 15 years of experience in accounting, tax and finance. Is a certified public accountant and has been so certified since 1991. From 1993 until 1999 he served as a special agent in the IRS Criminal Investigation Division. As a special agent his duties included investigating criminal violations of the federal income tax and money laundering laws. During his five and a half years he was appointed the asset forfeiture coordinator and also the organized crime drug enforcement task force coordinator for the Central California District for the IRS.

San Jose, CA
Phone: 408-260-9819.  
Email: jbanister@sbcglobal.net

John Turner

Mr. Turner served with the United States Army in positions of trust holding top secret clearances.

He accepted a job with the Internal Revenue Service as a revenue officer in 1987 and worked for IRS for 10 years until 1997. Revenue officers are agents who collect delinquent taxes through distraint actions. That is the power to levy and seize.

P.O. Box 612;Paradise, CA 95967
Phone: 530-872-8068
Email: time4jt@worldnet.att.net

Larry Becraft

Mr. Becraft is an Alabama lawyer. In May of 1992 he graduated with honors from Sanford University. In May of 1995 he graduated from Cumberland School of Law at Sanford University. In September of 1995 he was admitted to practice before the courts in Alabama. Since then he has been admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, all the federal appellate courts except the First of the D.C. circuits and a number of U.S. District Courts. He represents numerous clients in tax related criminal matters.

He is also general counsel for the Wallace Institute.

(256) 533-2535
Email: becraft@hiwaay.net

Sherry Jackson
Ms. Jackson is a certified public accountant since 1987. From 1988 to 1995 she was an Internal Revenue agent with the Atlanta district. She currently manages her own CPA firm in the Sown Mountain area and a certified fraud examiner.

Email: spjcpa@mindspring.com

Bill Benson
Mr. Benson is a retired investigator for the Criminal Investigation Division for the Illinois Department of Revenue

Email: bjbenson1@attbi.com

Paul Chappell

A resident of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Mr. Chappell has been a member of the bar of the State of Maryland since 1954. He became interested in the subject of federal taxation when he was sent by a local law firm to
Capitol Hill to cover House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committee hearings in drafting the 1954 Internal Revenue Code. After some 17 years of government experience serving first as a clerk to a Tax Court judge and subsequently in the office of Chief Counsel of Internal Revenue he entered private practice in 1973.

He has had an active practice which majored and emphasized federal tax cases, representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and in the federal courts for approximately 28 years. He became very much interested in the last two years in the subject of Internal Revenue Service procedural matters. His major concern has risen over such matters as violations of IRS regulations by the service; violations of statutory requirements by the IRS; disregard of their own math and records system; manipulation of data on the IRS master record system; ignoring statutory requirements for making proper assessment of taxes; the ignoring of requirements for collection matters such as the enforcement of IRS liens, levies and property seizures; and also a great deal of concern about the current trend toward abusive searches and seizures.

Fredericksburg, Virginia
Phone: 540-374-1283; 
Email: pclaw@crosslink.net.  

Noel Spaid
Ms. Spaid is from San Diego, California and an attorney since 1980. She represents litigants in the U.S. tax courts.

San Diego, CA
Phone:  858-350-8718

Irwin Schiff
Mr. Schiff is a best selling author and one of the country's leading experts on the constitutionality of the income tax system.  He has a degree in economics and has been studying and apply tax laws to help people since 1985.

Las Vegas, NV

Victoria Osborn

From Colorado Springs, Colorado, Ms. Osborn's question is "who audits the IRS?"

She is a forensic accountant; a graduate from the University of Colorado with a concentration in both accounting and finance and has been working in the business sector for most of her career. She became interested in the daily operations of the IRS accounting after watching the 1997 and 1998 Senate Finance Committee hearings.

She began studying the IRS operational manuals that became available to the general public as a result of the Restructuring and Reform Act that was passed in 1998.

Phone: 800-447-6181.
Email: tpi@tpirsrelief.com

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