We The People's Message
Dear Fellow Citizen,

The We the People Foundation and the vast network of researchers and supporters across this nation thank you for taking the time to obtain and review the full record of the Truth-in-Taxation Hearing (recorded February 27 and 28, 2002 in Washington, DC.)

This four (4) VCD ROM set contains the entire historic two-day hearing. By following the index you will work your way through each witness presentation and relive the historical event as it happened.

Disc One contains the opening and closing remarks and highlights from the event.

The record of the evidence has been broken into sections, each section examines a particular area of inquiry regarding the U.S. income tax system. Each section that was actually examined during the hearing has the video of the sworn testimony, the relevant portion of the certified transcript and electronic copies of all the supporting evidence.

Several sections contain text only and evidence because they were not covered at the hearing. However, to provide a complete record, they are included here. The complete Table of Contents:


Disc One

Original Music

Disc Two

Right to Labor
5th Amendment
Courts Closed

Disc Three

1st Amendment
16th Amendment
Word "Includes"

Disc Four

4th Amendment
Due Process
IRS Fraud
Substitute Returns
Taxable Sources


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High quality sound and video processor
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We encourage you to share news of this historical, watershed event with your friends, families, neighbors and co-workers. You may obtain additional CD ROM sets from www.BostonTeaParty2.org/purchase or www.givemeliberty.org or by calling 909 372-2800.

The income tax is antithetical to freedom, ill-conceived in its origins, fraudulently implemented, and oppressively enforced.

A compelled tax is not permitted and cannot be justified under our founding documents. We the People cannot give our government authority we ourselves do not possess. (Taxation Without Justification)

We trust you will find this inquiry to be a most extraordinary voyage for both your mind and your heart. We join with those who have struggled for freedom in all generations. We are especially mindful of our own unique heritage in freedom. Our founders marked the path and set our country's feet in the proper direction. We have a sacred duty to them and to generations that follow to honor that sacrifice and restore freedom to this great nation.

The Meaning for Our Nation

The evidence and sworn testimony you are about to confront culminates the efforts of decades of general legal research and a concentrated three year effort by this Foundation to get the U.S. Government to publicly respond to very specific legal charges that contest the authority and legal legitimacy of the U.S. income tax system. The evidence is disturbing, compelling and irrefutable. It is also uncontested by the U.S. government.

There is no aspect of our current government that directly affects our families, our businesses and our Constitutional rights more than the federal income tax. There is no governmental entity that we are forced to communicate with more than the IRS. No function of our current system causes more fear and despair in the hearts of the People more than the IRS.

The legal charges brought by this Foundation on behalf of the People have been repeatedly, and respectfully, submitted to all three branches of our Government in the form of a Petition for Redress of Grievances as explicitly provided for under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

To this day, the U.S. Government steadfastly refuses to respond.

The Department of Justice has been charged to publicly cite and establish their statutory authority and legal jurisdiction to enforce U.S. income tax laws against the citizens of the fifty states. The IRS has been charged to publicly answer to accusations of unlawful operational practices which are, without question, illegal and deprive Americans of due process of law and numerous other Constitutional protections.

This disc contains a section of the historical exhibits, including the Peoples' Petition for Redress of Grievance that document the history of this effort, formal communications with the government and materials created to educate our nation during this multiple year process.

Above all, the Citizens' Truth-in-Taxation Hearing is a search for the truth.

These charges are either true, -- or they are not true.

Our government has a legal right to collect the income tax, or they don't.

Either way, our Constitution demands that our servant government respond to the sovereign People.

We teach our children we live in a nation ruled by the order of law. Indeed, the blessings bestowed upon our nation have been historically well secured by the constructs and legal protections of our Constitution and the spiritual heart of the American People.

But while we have been enjoying the fruits of freedom over the last several decades, silent forces have taken residence in the shadows of our Republic with the sole intent of stealing our property and our freedom to facilitate their private and corrupt agendas.

It has come to pass that our public servants in the federal government no longer recognize, nor respect the United States Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

The content of this hearing stands uncontested, as incontrovertible proof of this fact.

The three branches of our government have conspired, colluded and collectively decided that their jobs, their power, and the status quo of corporate, media, financial and political power justifies the piecemeal razing of the Constitution and the de facto enslavement of the People. And they do not want to talk about it in public.

After examining this body of sworn testimony and the legal evidence, you will know and understand the law and the facts. With that understanding comes a duty and responsibility to the generations on whose shoulders we now stand and to the generations yet unborn and to the Creator God who authored liberty and endowed us with that blessing.

We truly stand at a crossroads in our nation's history. The struggle in the 21st century is no different than that faced in the 18th century or any other. The forces we fight no longer wear red-coats and march in a straight line. However, make no mistake these forces today are powerful, they are organized, and they will not relinquish their strangle hold without a fierce battle.

Nevertheless, the Creator of the Universe is not neutral. We of a right are entitled to His support in the noble struggle against oppression and in support of the cause of liberty. The outcome is secure, but the path remains darkly lit. You are invited to join the side that honors our nation's founding, that respects our founder's sacrifices, that firmly stands for truth, and that will never be moved from the defense of FREEDOM.
What will you do? What role will you play?

The Immediate Future

Each person must consider the full impact and meaning of these truths as a peaceful, responsible citizen of this nation.

We the People must decide how we will handle the obviously complex and interrelated issues that will rise upon our nation's consciousness once these facts are affirmed by a critical mass of Americans and a solution is publicly demanded.

There will be jobs lost. There will be jobs created. There will be shifts in political power. There will be legal problems. We will need to replace the income tax system with a bona fide, constitutional system of taxation. There will be moments of uncertainty and moments of doubt, but our nation, as it has for over 200 years, will persevere.

The moment is now. We must not fail to act, both our freedoms and our Republic demand our attention. With a unified and resounding voice, the American people must call upon our servant government to answer these charges.

We will not forfeit our dignity to unjust rulers or to neighbors or friends who would choose tyranny for the sake of profit or convenience. The working men and women of America are not indentured servants, and will no longer toil under an unjust, unconstitutional and spiritually corrosive system of taxation in our own land.

We will not permit arrogant and unaccountable government officials to violate our most sacred rights to life, liberty and property under the pretense of "caring" for us. Protect our rights and we can, and will, care for ourselves.

We are a free and sovereign people who choose willingly to peacefully live under the rule of law, and are devoted to the eternal principles of truth, equality and justice.

Unfortunately, the revelations of this hearing have brought the moment to our door where we must now actively exercise our rightful sovereignty as American citizens and collectively discharge the duties of responsible citizenship that are our heritage, our birthright and our manifest destiny.

We either have a government that serves under the Constitution, or we do not.

We live in a nation ruled by laws, or we do not.

We are either free, or we are not.

We are going to do something about it, or we are not.

All of Creation's children deserve the bounty of our nation, the love of our People and the Light of liberty that our Forefathers sacrificed their lives for.

We must refuse to abandon our Constitution or our children's future willingly, or quietly, to those who would falsely promise us these ends, while enslaving us in the process.

To you is extended the unique opportunity to unite with those who have stuggled for freedom in all generations. Join with those who honor and respect our founder's sacrifices, who firmly stand for truth, and who will never be moved from the defense of FREEDOM. What will you do? What role will you play?

Yours in Freedom,
We the People


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