Section Summary   

This line of inquiry covers 26 USC Section 6020(b), Substitute Returns.

This is the IRS section the purportedly facilitates the preparation of a income tax return by the IRS if one is NOT filed.

Specifically, ex-IRS Revenue Agent John Turner and ex-IRS Joseph Banister go through a series of compelling exhibits showing official and fraudulent IRS training that Agent Turner received during his career as a Revenue Agent.

Agent Joe Banister concurs with the findings and provides his own testimony to bolster the charge that IRS has lied to its own employees about their legal authority to enforce and collect this tax.   

As the details unfold we shall see that IRS agents have NO legal authority to prepare a “dummy return” under 6020(b) and furthermore that 6020(b) does not even apply to individual income taxes.

The documentation and testimony will show how IRS Agents are schooled in “enforcement” of the “law” but important legal details are deceptively and fraudulently omitted from the IRS training materials.

One must ask, how can IRS agents be taught about this legal procedure, yet the training materials are void of direct references to either Title 26 (Individual Income Taxes), Form 1040, or any other regulation specifically related to individual income taxes? 

The testimony in this section goes even further in that direct proof of the absence of legal authority for IRS agents to enforce the income tax laws or seize property is revealed.

Do not lose the significance of this testimony.  Ex-IRS Agents are appearing under oath and testifying that  they in fact, do NOT have the legal authority to create a “substitute return” or assess any tax if you do not file. 

Furthermore, we are being given prima facie evidence that the IRS uses deception in its agent training classes to trick agents into acting outside the law in the normal course of their jobs.

Consider how many of the People have assessed a tax that was generated without proper legal authority.

Consider how many People have been sent to federal prison for failure to file a return and convicted using evidence that was fraudulently certified to the court as bona fide proof of a tax owed?