Section Summary 

The unalienable right to due process is not restricted to the courts or criminal matters.  In fact, most citizens first taste of IRS due process occurs as the IRS administrative operations are encountered on a daily basis.

As the evidence and testimony will demonstrate, the IRS grossly and systemically denies citizens their due process rights in direct and willful violation of the law and the Constitution.

The legacy of these violations of due process at the administrative level result in continuing troubles for the average tax payer because many “findings” at this level are routinely accepted as legal “fact” and cannot be effectively challenged in subsequent legal proceedings – even criminal proceedings in U.S. District Court.

By short-cutting and denying citizens their legal right to bona fide due process hearings, IRS speed up the process of creating “statutory notice of deficiencies” which left unchallenged in Tax Court, result in the de facto, unlawful assessment of a tax.

Most of the People do not know that Tax Court is not a “real” court of law.  It is an administrative tribunal run by and paid for by the IRS!  As you may suspect, Tax Court also routinely violates due process with their “liberal” applications of basic due process protections such as the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) under which they are legally bound.

Furthermore, it is interesting that in tax matters alone, it is the taxpayer’s duty to show “burden of proof”.  This burden only shifts to the IRS if the taxpayer remains “cooperative” during the execution of IRS administrative procedures.

In the end, all the IRS wants is your money.  They need to create a tax “assessment” to proceed to collect a tax.  For the average person, the IRS does not have the legal authority to create such an assessment.

The IRS has elaborate procedures to create computer records via (unauthorized) “dummy returns” which set in motion the “enforcement” machinery.  They have elaborate administrative procedures that, even if made available, provide merely the form, but not the substance of bona fide due process. 

Legal questions from tax payers are routinely ignored.  Legal authority is never produced. 

Evidence is suppressed.  Due process hearings are denied.  Rules of Evidence and discovery/procedural rules are ignored.  Computer systems are unlawfully used.  “Audits” and threatening form letters are generated by the truckload.  And each day, administrative employees, without court orders and without any explicitly delegated statutory authority make tax “assessments” against ordinary Americans. 

Is this the tax system of a free People?