Disc Four
Movie List

Fourth Amendment and Due Process Violations

Understanding The Incomprehensible
Attila the Hun takes What He Wants-So Does The IRS
Intimidation and Fraud-What's That in Your Pocket
Joe Bannister Watch Out for Jagulars
Ms. Jackson "That's So Wrong"
More Examples-IRS agents Encouraged To Deny Due Process
More Examples-How to Fabricate a Notice of Deficiency
Pro Se Can FOIA Their IMF-Say What???
The Heart of the Fraud or Tax Court" Shamx Court
Dumb and Dumber Returns
Get the Money
The People Reserve the Right to Revolt
Zero Income-Makes Total Sense

Time Barred Assessments

The Petite Southern Belle Who KO'ed The IRS
Where There's a Will There's a Way-How the IRS Tampers With Your Master File.
Make No Mistake-This is No Accident
Computer Glitches"-Nah Just Plain Old Dishonest Folk
All the Lysol in the World Couldn't Sanitize This…
How to Manipulate the Computer to Create False Interest
What Country is This?

Substitute Returns

A Peak Under the Rock
The Smoking Gun
Can I Ask a Question