Question and Evidence Overview:

In the evidence, we will find that the OMB form number cited by the IRS to collect the tax in the specific CFR regulations governing the income tax (Section 1.1-1) is IRS Form 2555, “Foreign Earned Income”.  

Questioningly, the form number for IRS Form 1040 is NOT mentioned at all in the regulations as the form to make a “return” for the collection of personal income taxes.

How can this anomaly exist?  Are we to believe that the supposedly single most important government form in the everyday lives of ordinary Americans has somehow slipped through some government form “approval process”? 

Are we to believe nothing of the fact that the only form that IS formally authorized by the OMB to collect the information described in the high-level income tax regulation is for “Foreign Earned Income?” 

Furthermore, consider that the OMB has NEVER approved Form 1040 for the purposes of the income tax. 

And lastly consider question 214 and 215 that show that in May, 1994, the IRS even modified the income tax regulations to DELETE its previous reference to Form 1040 from the section citing forms for the individual income tax (26 CFR 1.1-1)

Why would they do that?