Section Summary 

The 1st Amendment to the U.S Constitution reiterates the bedrock principle that People are Sovereign and have the unalienable right to petition the government for redress of grievances and to be properly answered.

The entire Citizen’s Truth-in-Taxation Hearing is the direct result of a petition from the People to the government regarding the income tax system of this nation.

As of this writing, the Government has refused to respond to this petition in writing and has also failed to appear in public to answer the specific legal charges contained herein  -- even though they had agreed in writing July, 2001 to do so.


We must now open our hearts and our minds and consider that something very wrong is transforming our nation.  Under the guise of using the income tax system as an instrumentality in “helping us”, our nation is rapidly transforming into socialist democracy. 

In this brave new world, the rights of the individual are subservient to the wants of the many.  The tax laws are used as tools, and as weapons to achieve these ends.

There is no right, or liberty which will not be sacrificed on the alter of “goodness”.  Property, labor, wealth, freedom, liberty, speech, petition, due process are all eliminated to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the taxing machine.

In a vicious cycle, the plunder of the tax system is used to further procure political influence and alter behavior in the masses as well as to ultimately control the means of production and force individual dependence on the State.

This is not the destiny of a free, spiritual  and Sovereign People.  Our Forefathers died to secure our rights with a prayer that we should never have to take to arms again.

Please read these final questions with these thoughts in mind and consider your role as a citizen of this nation.

Whether we stand together in the ballot box, the jury box or in the streets, the moment when the future of our Republic and the freedom of our People lies in the balance, has arrived.