Disc Three
Movie List

First Amendment

It Is Nontheless Robbery Because It Is Called Taxes
Robin Hood-Alive and Well
Social Security-I Want Out

Sixteenth Amendment

What Our History Teachers Didn't Tell Us
How it's S'posed to Work (Directly Speeking-an Indirect Tax)
Hush Money-Fraud-Bribes-(Senator-Go to Hell)
A Fearful Master
Just the Facts
Amending The Constitution-Or Making Sausage
An Income Tax-Unconstitutional (U.S. Supreme Court)
U.S. Congress to States-"Prove It"
The Vigro Hits the Fan
Mirror Mirror
It Never Happened-Government Admits
Constitution Sez So
The Great 38…28…18…8…ZERO
Arizona to Michigan-- No's All Around
Mississippi to Wyoming-Not An Aye To Be Found
1913 Slave Tax Begins-200? Slave Tax Ends
The Courts Can't Decide What Kind of Tax
Void for vagueness (or having an argument with your kids)
It's Dangerous To Right When The Government Is Wrong
The Income Tax Will Not Touch One Hair On a Working Man's Head-And Other Fairy Tales.
Connect The Dots And Discover Who Was Philander Knox
Thank You Mr. Benson