Everything You Know is Wrong

Section Summary:


As hard as it may be to believe, there is no law that requires most American citizens to file and pay the Federal Income Tax.

There is a simple reason for this--our government does not have the authority to enact a law that compels people to pay an income tax. The government knows that fact--they have always known that. Senator Daniel Inouye, the current senator from Hawaii explains: "There is no provision of the Internal Revenue Code that specifically and unequivocally requires an individual to pay income tax." reporting the results of research performed by the Congressional Research Service.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren echoed the same fact: "Our system of taxation is based upon voluntary assessment and payment, not upon distraint." Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court Earl Warren, Flora v. U.S., 362 US 145, at 176.

Government gets it's authority from the people and under our system of Constitutional government based on the principles of the Declaration of Independence, people simply do not have the authority to compel each other to do things--therefore, We the People cannot give our government authority we do not have. Those in power know this fact and they have purposefully over the years crafted the misshapen monster called the Income Tax to conceal the utter absence of authority.

Therefore, if average citizens are not liable for the tax, the thousands of pages of tax code DO NOT APPLY to them.

As the evidence will show, much of this confusion stems directly from the deliberate complexity, sheer volume and convoluted organization of the income tax laws and regulations.  Former I.R.S. Commissioner, Shirley Peterson stated: "Eight decades of amendments to the code have produced a virtually impenetrable maze. The rules are unintelligible to most citizens. The rules are equally mysterious to many government employees who are charged with administering and enforcing the law."

In contrast, when it comes to areas of the code where the government has legitimate authority--for example the tax on alcohol--the tax laws are well written and very clearly define who is liable for paying various taxes, the specific legal authority and subject of each tax. 

Indeed, it seems patently absurd that after almost 90 years, thousands of pages of laws and regulations and numerous legislative modifications there is not, to this day, a single sentence in the U.S. tax code that clearly defines who is legally liable to pay the income tax.(see Senator Inouye's statement above)