Section Summary:   

Our Constitution established a three-branch government.  Each branch has its own specific duties and responsibilities.

Above its role to adjudicate certain specified matters in its limited jurisdiction, the Court’s purpose to provide a “check and balance” on the other two branches to protect the People from unconstitutional acts of both the Executive and the Legislature.

Unfortunately for the People, to “protect” the federal government, the Courts have effectively “ganged-up” with the other two branches against the People with respect to the income tax laws.

 This breach of Constitutional duty has resulted in the perpetration of the income tax fraud for nearly 100 years and untold misery for the families of citizens unlawfully convicted of tax crimes that did not apply to them. 

The People today have no real recourse in a court of law to defend against the income tax “system” – or as so aptly coined by tax researcher Irwin Schiff, “The Federal Mafia”. 

The evidence and the testimony clearly show that our Courts no longer protect Due Process of Law with respect to tax matters.  We now have a two-tier standard of due process – one for real/regular crimes – and one for tax “crimes”.

Consider for a moment the inherent conflict of interest presented by a judge who receives his salary from the federal coffers.  Can he rule objectively on this matter?

Consider a judge who (improperly) instructs a jury that all matters of law are for his discretion only.  Juries are never told of their constitutional rights including the right to acquit based on the law. 

How can tax crime defendants ever receive Constitutionally protected due process if the very questions of law and its applicability to the defendant are never decided by a jury even though the FACTS of how these critical issues of law and their applicability are the ONLY questions at trial? 

Have the People been essentially denied the right to a jury trial in tax matters?