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USCA (United States Code Annotated)

26 USCA S 6212

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 26 U.S.C.A. § 6212 I.R.C. § 6212







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Current through P.L. 107-11, approved 5-28-01

§ 6212. Notice of deficiency

 (a) In general.--If the Secretary determines that there is a deficiency in respect of any tax imposed by subtitles A or B or chapter 41, 42, 43, or 44, he is authorized to send notice of such deficiency to the taxpayer by certified mail or registered mail.  Such notice shall include a notice to the taxpayer of the taxpayer's right to contact a local office of the taxpayer advocate and the location and phone number of the appropriate office.

 (b) Address for notice of deficiency.--

  (1) Income and gift taxes and certain excise taxes.--In the absence of notice to the Secretary under section 6903 of the existence of a fiduciary relationship, notice of a deficiency in respect of a tax imposed by subtitle A, chapter 12, chapter 41, chapter 42, chapter 43, or chapter 44, if mailed to the taxpayer at his last known address, shall be sufficient for purposes of subtitle A, chapter 12, chapter 41, chapter 42, chapter 43, chapter 44, and this chapter even if such taxpayer is deceased, or is under a legal disability, or, in the case of a corporation, has terminated its existence.

  (2) Joint income tax return.--In the case of a joint income tax return filed by husband and wife, such notice of deficiency may be a single joint notice, except that if the Secretary has been notified by either spouse that separate residences have been established, then, in lieu of the single joint notice, a duplicate original of the joint notice shall be sent by certified mail or registered mail to each spouse at his last known address.

  (3) Estate tax.--In the absence of notice to the Secretary under section 6903 of the existence of a fiduciary relationship, notice of a deficiency in respect of a tax imposed by chapter 11, if addressed in the name of the decedent or other person subject to liability and mailed to his last known  address, shall be sufficient for purposes of chapter 11 and of this chapter.

 (c) Further deficiency letters restricted.--

  (1) General rule.--If the Secretary has mailed to the taxpayer a notice of deficiency as provided in subsection (a), and the taxpayer files a petition with the Tax Court within the time prescribed in section 6213(a), the Secretary shall have no right to determine any additional deficiency of income tax for the same taxable year, of gift tax for the same calendar year, of estate tax in respect of the taxable estate of the same decedent, of chapter 41 tax for the same taxable year, of chapter 43 tax for the same taxable year, of chapter 44 tax for the same taxable year, of section 4940 tax for the same taxable year, or of chapter 42 tax (other than under section 4940) with respect to any act (or failure to act) to which such petition relates, except in the case of fraud, and except as provided in section 6214(a) (relating to assertion of greater deficiencies before the Tax Court), in section 6213(b)(1) (relating to mathematical or clerical errors), in section 6851 or 6852 (relating to termination assessments), or in section 6861(c) (relating to the making of jeopardy assessments).

  (2) Cross references.--

            For assessment as a deficiency notwithstanding the prohibition of further deficiency letters, in the case of--

            (A) Deficiency attributable to change of treatment with respect to itemized deductions, see section 63(e)(3).

            (B) Deficiency attributable to gain on involuntary conversion, see section 1033(a)(2)(C) and (D).

            (C) Deficiency attributable to activities not engaged in for profit, see section 183(e)(4).

            [(D) Repealed.  Pub.L. 94-455, Title XIX, § 1901(b)(37)(C), Oct. 4, 1976, 90 Stat. 1803]

            [(E) Redesignated (C)]

            For provisions allowing determination of tax in title 11 cases, see section 505(a) of title 11 of the United States Code.

 (d) Authority to rescind notice of deficiency with taxpayer's consent.--The Secretary may, with the consent of the taxpayer, rescind any notice of deficiency mailed to the taxpayer.  Any notice so rescinded shall not be treated as a notice of deficiency for purposes of subsection (c)(1) (relating to further deficiency letters restricted), section 6213(a) (relating to restrictions applicable to deficiencies;  petition to Tax Court), and section 6512(a) (relating to limitations in case of petition to Tax Court), and the taxpayer shall have no right to file a petition with the Tax Court based on such notice.  Nothing in this subsection shall affect any suspension of the running of any period of limitations during any period during which the rescinded notice was outstanding.


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