Disc Two
Movie List


Introduction and Swearing the Witnesses
Who is Liable?
Who is a Citizen?

Right to Labor

What is Income? Part 1
What is Income? Part 2
The Three Headed Monster (FICA, Social Secuirty, Employement Tax)
Slave Tax-The Sad Facts


Alcohol Tobacco Firearms
Mr. Benson Goes to Washington
He Who Owns the Land Makes the Rules
IMF Who is the Master of My File
How the Game is Played
Authority-States Have It Feds Want It
The Domestic Agent
Taxpayer Taxpayer Who is a Taxpayer
Jurisdiction-Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine

Fifth Amendment

Introduction of Witness
File-Testify Against Yourself (Compelled to Testify)
5th Amendment Protect You
Conklin and Long-What The IRS Fears
Gored by the Horns of a Dilemma
The Constitution Reigns Supreme

The Courts Are Closed

The Largest Fraud On Planet Earth